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Reta M®

Reta M® is the first hypromellose/mannitol-based, co-processed excipient specifically designed for DC and dry granulation of modified release formulations. To minimize development time, API dissolution prediction as a function of tablet geometry is possible. This is aided by Reta M®’s dramatic improvement in wettability compared to HPMC alone or in traditional wet granulations and simple admixtures.

MEGGLEs co-processed excipient, Reta M®, appears as a white, or almost white odorless powder, which is freely flowing and partially soluble in cold water. It comprises equal parts of hypromellose (HPMC) with a nominal viscosity of 4000 mPa·s, together with Mannitol. 

Shelf life / Retest:
24 month

15 kg - Carton box with PE-EVOH-PE-Inliner

Particle size distribution
[Mechanical sieve shaker]

  • <63 µm: NMT 30%
  • <250 µm: NLT 80%
Typical Values
  • Bulk Density [g/l]: 400
  • Tapped Density [g/l] : 510
  • Angel of repose: 38 °
  • Hausner factor: 1.28
  • Carrs index: 21.6 %
HPMC Hypromellose Mannitol_Sustained Release_modified release_direct compression
- All-in-one excipient which enables manufacture of
  sustained drug release (time release) tablets by direct compression
- Prolonged drug release up to 13 hours
- High loading capability up to 50 % drug load
- Pharmacopoeial quality
- Lactose-free
Areas of Application
- Tabletting - Direct Compression, also for multi unit and mini tablets
- Tabletting - Roller Compaction
- Preparation of aqueous HPMC-formulations (thickener)
- Spheronization, Extrusion
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