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InhaLac® 180

The new inhalable lactose InhaLac® 180 with specific particle size distribution has the flow and surface characteristics of a typical milled lactose.

InhaLac® 180 is tailored for dry powder inhalation (DPI) applications. It offers a very popular, widely used and highly uniform particle size distribution (PSD). This provides formulators with an additional tool to tune and optimize the performance of their DPI products.

MEGGLE´s expansion of the InhaLac product family - rounding off the portfolio with a new milled lactose grades for dry powder inhalation.

24 months

Standard Packaging:
25 kg - Carton box with PE-EVOH-PE + OPP-Alu-PE-liner
Particle size distribution
[Laser diffraction]

  • x10: 5 - 15 µm
  • x50: 50 - 100 µm
  • x90: 120 - 160 µm
Typical Values
  • Bulk Density [g/l]: 620
  • Tapped Density [g/l] : 920
  • Hausner factor: 1.5
  • Carrs index: 33 %
DPI Lactose_Excipient Inhalation_Milled_180 Mesh
- A broad spectrum of particle size distributions
- High storage stability
- Highly controlled and homogenous powder characteristics
- Highest microbial quality including low endotoxins
Areas of Application
InhaLac® 180 is a milled lactose suitable for use in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
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