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InhaLac® 150

InhaLac® 140 and InhaLac® 150 - both new inhalative lactose grades with specific particle size distributions are characterized by the typical flow- and surface-characteristic of milled lactose grades. This provides an additional tool for the formulator to tune and optimize the performance of the DPI product. These two new products perfectly fit in MEGGLE´s inhalative lactose grades portfolio.

InhaLac® 140 is described by a mean particle size of approximately 50 µm.
InhaLac® 150 exhibits a narrow particle size distribution with mean particle size of arround 24 µm.

MEGGLE´s extension of the InhaLac product family - rounding up the portfolio with two new milled lactose grades for dry powder inhalation.

Shelf life / Retest:
24 Month
20 kg - Carton with Alu-Inliner
Distribuição de tamanho de partícula
[Laser diffraction]

  • x10: 1 - 5 µm
  • x50: 18 - 30 µm
  • x90: 65 - 95 µm
Valores típicos
  • Densidade aparente [g/l] : 490
  • Densidade compactada [g/l] : 800
  • Fator de Hausner: 1.63
  • Índice de Carr 39 %
DPI Lactose_excipient inhalation_milled_150 Mesh
Benefícios do produto
- Highly controlled and homogenous powder characteristics
- Highest microbial quality including low endotoxins 
- Retest after 24 months
Áreas de Aplicação
InhaLac® 140 and InhaLac® 150 as middle-sized milled carrier lactose are suitable for use in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
Distribuição típica de tamanho de partícula (PSD) desomething new
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