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InhaLac® 145

InhaLac® 145 is a new product within the family of milled inhalative lactose. It consists of irregularly shaped particles with a strict controlled and specified particle size. InhaLac® 145 has a typical rough surface, cohesiveness and flowability of milled lactoses. 

InhaLac® 145 is a middle sized carrier lactose with mean particle size of 35 µm and approximately 11% of particles below 5 µm.
Particle size distribution
[Laser diffraction]

  • x10: 1 - 6 µm
  • x50: 20 - 50 µm
  • x90: 65 - 140 µm
Typical Values
  • Bulk Density [g/l]: 510
  • Tapped Density [g/l] : 860
  • Hausner factor: 1.69
  • Carrs index: 41 %
- A broad spectrum of particle size distributions
- High storage stability
- Highly controlled and homogenous powder characteristics
- Highest microbial quality including low endotoxins
Areas of Application
InhaLac® 145 is a milled lactose suitable for use in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
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