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Just choose one of our high-functional co-processed excipients

  • Cellactose® 80
    Ductile, flexible, functional.

    Cellactose® 80, a spray-dried co-processed excipient, consists of lactose and cellulose and possesses outstanding filling and binding properties.

    • Excellent flowability
    • Outstanding compressibility
    • Plastic deformation
    • Superior blending properties
    • Optimum cost-effectiveness

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  • CombiLac®
    Compactibility and disintegration.

    MEGGLE’s monodispersed combination of alpha-lactose monohydrate, MCC and starch is the world’s first high-functionality, triple co-processed excipient.

    • Excellent compactability
    • Excellent flowability
    • Fast, hardness-independent tablet disintegration for effective API release
    • Low friability

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  • MicroceLac® 100
    Precise, firm, calculable.

    MicroceLac® 100 comprises 75 % alpha-lactose monohydrate and 25 % microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). MicroceLac® 100 provides capability for direct compression, due to given flowability and compactability.

    • Precision production with low compression force
    • Excellent flowability
    • Improved weight uniformity
    • Extremely high speeds
    • Optimized compactibility

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  • RetaLac®
    Flowable, compactable, wettable.

    RetaLac® the HPMC/lactose co-processed excipient enables sustained release formulations for direct compression.

    • 50 parts HPMC (K4M) and 50 parts lactose monohydrate
    • Excellent flowability
    • Significantly easier, faster production
    • Active content of up to 60 %
    • Outstanding wettability

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  • StarLac®
    Natural, compactible, flowable.

    StarLac® is consisting of 85 % a-lactose monohydrate and 15 % native corn starch. It combines superior flowability with exceptional disintegration properties.

    • Excellent compactability
    • Excellent flowability
    • Rapid, hardness-independent tablet disintegration
    • Compaction and hydration properties independent of hydrophobic lubricant type or level

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